Man Made Floods (asking the right question)

Why wait for the last straw to break the camel’s back?
Why did government wait for the dams to be filled and released the water in one go?

The states of Maharastra, Karnataka and Gujarat are riddled with flash floods due to good monsoons this year. A little investigation reveals that the floods are primarily caused because the dams and reservoirs released water.
I am surprised why people never ask the right question. Why nobody pointed to the failure of the irrigation and metrological department to estimate the rainfall and flow of water. Why aren’t the people who released water held responsible for the lives lost and the damage caused?
Monsoon started on 15th of June and water gradually has been constantly flowing into the catchments. If you release water in one go instead of continuous steps, you will definitely cause floods. These floods are not due to rain gods, but due to gross errors in estimation and planning as well as insensitivity of the government. I wonder when our yellow journalist will realize that.

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