Marketing Fear| A stitch in time saves nine

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We live in a world where the car mechanics only talk about the number of frivolous upgrades that the car owners buy. No of unnecessary repairs/replacements they are able to push it through the client’s wallets. The hospitals evaluate doctors based on number of pricy diagnostics they refer, no of specialist consults and expensive branded medication (that are pushed by sales reps) they prescribe. Lawyers are no different, they are like psychiatrists. Once they get a hang of the patients inner-most fear, they leverage it to their maximum advantage. Infact sometimes I feel that the whole world is out to get you and exploit your vulnerability.
Is it healthy, is it ideal? I don’t know, but I know for sure that sometimes we build up mechanisms which do more harm than good. Most people procrastinate visiting their doctors esp. dentist till it is absolutely necessary. Yes there is naturotherapy, body does heal itself, but over the years what I have realized esp. the poor sometimes wait till they are inches away from death before they make their first doctor’s call. As a result the chances of recovery becomes remote. What could be a cured by a couple of pills and some bed rest requires a complex surgical procedure. A car is no different, we wait till a breakdown, or red check engine light or repeated reminders from the service company for annual checkup before we turn our cars in. For our property, there are so many steps if taken timely could help us limit our exposure. However we often wait till a notice is served before we react.
Sometimes the fear of getting cheated, taken advantage off makes things worse. All we need is a trustworthy source that rather than exploit our vulnerability help us cover our tracks and limit our exposure. Is it too tough to ask?

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