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One question that I wanted to ask you ….
Why have you shortened the feed? Let me put it straight w/o any polish. 🙂
You might get a few more hits by doing this but in the long run you’ll lose more subscribers (like me) who mostly read blogs thru readers.
I hope you have thought abt it as well. 🙂

glad you told me.. i was experimenting with different settings and seing its impact…
Anyways there are no advertizements on enagar.. so higher footfalls does not benefit me in any ways.. except the sheer pleasure of sharing

Thank you very much.
I have unsubscribed many blogs which do not want to give full feeds in spite of several requests.. would have done for you as well. 😀
Anyway, we are not in any kind of rat race to come to top 20 blogs, are we? So it is better that we are read more instead of getting ‘hit’. 😉

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