Marriages and democracy

This nice article raises a very important question.
How can a society where people don’t even have a freedom to choose their own life partners appreciate the true meaning of democracy.

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Nice article. but well i think slowly things are changing and i m happy about it. even though there are arrange marriage but both the partners are given a choice. This may not be happening for a major part of population but still we can see the change around which is welcomed 🙂

I think success of arranged marriage has been proved on a large scale in India. Well, in most cases, even the brides-to-be and grooms-to-be themselves prefer their parents making the choices for them. In some cases I agree that choices were forced upon them but again it was mostly in the interest of the children than being an autocratic decision and I think its unfair to compare democracy with this. Come on Ankur!

i just hope ur mother in law agrees to your marriage 🙂

how can you expect a person who is not able to take decisions for himself to take decisions that effect the entire country? anyways what i really liked was the innovative way the author tried to link the 2 phenomenons

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