Mea Culpa

Most rational people are not out there in the world looking for the last drop of blood from all the people who have harmed them. What they need is a mere acknowledgement of guilt. A small token of apology to make them convinced that you know that you have knowingly/unknowingly harmed them and in future you would be careful not to repeat. Also a key baby steps towards mitigating the loss goes a long way in seeking forgiveness.
Recognizing and accepting the consequences of one’s action on others both materially and emotionally is what I guess makes us fit to live in a society, a human. Admission of guilt and an apology is a great way to start. Parents teach their kids the value of 3 magical words “Please, thank you and sorry” to infuse this habit very early on. However looks like in spite of being one of the most experienced and highly educated individual, our Prime Minister is not aware of these facts.
Livemint has correctly pointed out that the high handiness of the Prime Minister has resulted in our country reaching a new low. No wonder under his regime as a Finance Minister, the country witnessed the biggest financial scandal (Harshad Mehta) and under his regime as a Prime Minister we have witnessed the biggest scandal (Telecom).
What irks me is that how can he claim to have the Moral High ground?
Hello: There can only be 2 things possible: He was aware of these 2 scams or he was not.
If one truly believes that he was unaware of these developments then he is probably more incompetent to run this country than a blind, deaf and mute individual.
If he was aware of these scams, then he is an accomplice who should be tried like common criminals and lynched by the very mob that lost 50,000,00,00,000/-. After all he is no different than any common crook or con artist who charms the target before robbing them.
Correction: As per the law Prime Minister is the Leader of the cabinet of ministers who are collectively responsible for their actions. So this makes him the head of the gang of criminals (which apparently he handpicked)

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First MMS is a Vassal of the family that rules with the motto power without taking responsibility..So naturally it is not MMS but CWC president who is to blame, because she rules by proxy. So by extension he is shameless and guilt free.
What irks me is that how can he claim to have the Moral High ground?
to that i say he ultimately didn’t take any of the decisions so he shouldn’t be blamed.
My friend sent me a mail on The indian currency that went something like this
1Crore = 1 Khoka
500Cr = 1 Koda
1000Cr = 1 Radia
10000Cr = 1 Kalmadi
100000Cr = 1Raja
100Raja = 1 Pawar
10000 Pawar =
= u figure it out!

u have to read this
Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail?
doesn’t that ring a bell
dont u remember our politicians and so called industrialists some of which we have posted about
So there you have it. Illegal immigrants: 393,000. Lying moms: one. Bankers: zero. The math makes sense only because the politics are so obvious. You want to win elections, you bang on the jailable class. You build prisons and fill them with people for selling dime bags and stealing CD players. But for stealing a billion dollars? For fraud that puts a million people into foreclosure? Pass. It’s not a crime. Prison is too harsh. Get them to say they’re sorry, and move on. Oh, wait — let’s not even make them say they’re sorry. That’s too mean; let’s just give them a piece of paper with a government stamp on it, officially clearing them of the need to apologize, and make them pay a fine instead. But don’t make them pay it out of their own pockets, and don’t ask them to give back the money they stole. In fact, let them profit from their collective crimes, to the tune of a record $135 billion in pay and benefits last year. What’s next? Taxpayer-funded massages for every Wall Street executive guilty of fraud?

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