Mercenaries, a dying breed

Right for the day since weapon’s were first made, people used to hire mercenaries/assassins/ninjas for protection. Throughout the history whenever the government was weak and people felt threatened, these bands of individuals rose to power and provided for some sort of order in the region.

Event the everyday word ‘freelance’ was derived from it.
The world ‘frelance’ means “A person whose Lance (weapon’s) are for rent”

Usually their motive was monetary, but they can also gain a lot of power in the process.

Today, we all Believe:
1) The government cannot maintain law and order.
2) Terrorist are having a field day.
3) Who knows when a 747 will land on your office, or what substance does your letter contain.

If the world is as threatened as we believe, then how come there are their not any Commercial solution.

Each country relies on its own army and para-military forces for its entire security needs. What should they do if they want that little extra help?

There is more need of it then ever, yet this word is never heard/used.

1) A rich family/corporate might need a professional Hostage Negotiator to secure the release of the kidnapped persons. (Kidnapping even today is the most lucrative profession)
2) An Airline needs to secure the passengers of its hijacked jet.
3) A school/theater/building needs professionals who can safely rescue out (govt cannot be trusted as they have a history of creating collateral damage by using nerve gas or storming into the building.).
4) A ship taken over by the pirates needs to be rescued (if you did not know more than 7-8 such rescues involving ships carrying billions of cargo in oil and electronics happen each year even today)
5) A failed politician needs to engineer a coup in his country.
6) A greedy corporate needs to sabotage its competitor’s newest mega construction project.
And the list goes on…….

My question is why do you not see people doing such kind of tasks anymore? I am not talking about the small time trigger happy urchins who are more than willing to take your supari.
Is it because the governments are strong enough to answer all your needs? (even the shady ones?)
Is it because they have gone underground and you need the right contacts to reach them?
Or, Is it because I am taking all nonsense?

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