Merdacotta: useful Shit

In India, food was cooked on dried dung cakes. The slow heat resulted in the Suous-vide like heavenly flavors for the pre-plastic bag cooking era. It was practical choice because the alternative involved in chopping trees and deforestation for firewood. Also the slow persistent heat allowed the females to multi-task and not worry about overcooked food.
We used to use ‘untreated’ cow dung as plaster on mud/clay walls, clay courtyard and practically every surface that if left untreated will result in cracks or a lot of dust formation if left untreated. Just like mopping this weekly plastering ritual of all earthly surfaces resulted in a clean (and surprisingly not foul smelling) houses.
Recently Gianantonio Locatelli from Italy has unveiled a May 2015 collection of intersting artifacts made from treated dung. Isn’t it interesting to see man making use of all the renewable resources available to it.

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I have heard of people making roof tops or floors with dried cow dung but this is new..and interesting. Have you heard of paper made from elephant poop? (I honestly found that cute lol)

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