Merits of Solitude in the digital world

Humans are wired to seek company & attention. Kids develop better & healthier when showered with attention. Adults are happier when they have company. A mere human touch is often enough to reduce the stress & anxiety.
However, too many stimulus is also not good. Think of human mind as CPU. Our five senses continuously feed it with information to process. Our emotions & mental state further overloads the system. Movie, TV channels, Online games & virtual reality allow us to live in multiple realms at once, but we have a single brain that needs to assimilate the information from various sources. If our mind is not able to cope up with the information bombardment, it starts buffering. Typically, night time was the daily solace where this buffer is processed through dreams and we wake up fresh without a worry in the world.
With the long hours, late nights, hard partying & intoxicants, not only our sleep time is getting shrunk, but also become less productive. Most of us check our mails even before brushing our teeth, robbing us even of a seconds where the mind can be without worries. We are living life of a mother with wailing kids under her arm, craving for a moment’s peace.
Remember Happiness is an “inside job.” We have very few real friends and more virtual friends on social media. We analyze the impact of a moment by how many likes a selfie will get rather than how much we really relished the occasion. Most friends are also too lazy to give us a call or share a cake with us on our birthday. They will simply all their social media app to notify them and create the wish/card on their behalf & even deliver it to your best friend forever.
Personally, I have attended 10 day Vipassana to help me sort things out. I have found overnight trekking/camping, long travel through trains or road to be beneficial. Essentially switching off one’s electronic media is all it takes.
Sometimes it is good to have a me time. It helps reboot our brain, improves concentration, helps sort our unprocessed raw emotions, help discover one’s voice. Once cannot find a solution of our problems, our relationship tussle without having a clear, cool mind. I am not. I am not asking for taking an extreme step of an isolation tank or sensory deprivation therapy. Just a few hours disconnected with the world and solitude usually does the trick.

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