Mob Violence

The reduction in the train stoppages led to a widespread violence, protests and burning of public property. This made me question that if the public would be subjected to such widespread inconvenience then why the rail ministry deleted those stoppages.

I talked to an ex DRM (Divisional Railway Manager), his answer was:

A typical passenger train with 24 bogies services about 2000 passengers per trip (one side). If on an average if less than 10 passengers board/depart from a station then it is eligible for removal. Logic is simple if less than 10/2000 = 0.5% of the general public use a stop, then it is not economical to service it. Even the busses won’t ply for 10 persons then why should railways run a whole train for them.

Not only does less braking reduce the cost of running a train, it also increases the speed of the train. So it is in best interest of the public and the nation.

Similarly recently the assassination of Sant Niranjan Dass in Vienna led to widespread violence in Amritsar. (I am not trying to be disrespectful to him, not I condone the killing) However one aspect of the protest felt very odd. Although he was a Guru (religious leader) of the sikh community, none of the video footage or pictures of the protest demonstrations had people wearing turbans. This is very odd because Sikhs esp. the religious ones are supposed to have long hair and wear a turban at all times.

Somehow I am convinced that all these protests are stages. People are simply trying to extract political mileage.

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There are different pathas withing Punjam, as Sikh follow Holy Guru Grantha Saheb, in the same way other pathas have theie respected holy books and the Guru.

Sant Niranjan Dass was of different patha that is the reason the protestor were not wearing the tubans.

i dont know exactly but there’s a big caste struggle in punjab
the bcs and their lot are becoming wealthy but not getting social acceptance, because of the deep rooted societal biases…
therefore there are a lot of other gurus n panths other than the akalis of the sgpc.
This is not the first time remember Baba Ram Rahim controversy?

doobte to tinke ka sahara…
mayawati will explore any opportunity that is available now… and I won’t be surprised if a fortnight ago she had not heard his name.

about Punjab… there r 3 broad categories of sikhs there.
1. high caste resident.
2. those who migrated during partition
3. lower caste.

its the second category that because of migration could wash away all their caste, background and legacy… however this is the category that through their hard work have prospered not only in punjab, but all across the nation. it is this category that is leading the caste struggle…

the lower caste like everywhere else in the india are banking on their numbers and wealth to prosper in the democratic india. but still a lot needs to be done

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