Moslem or Muslim

All the old books on crusades talk about Moslem, while modern world seem to be stuck on Muslim. So I did a bit of etymology on it (googled in actual sense)
Derived from the urdu word Zalem (the oppresser), Christians coined the word Moslem which was later on modified to Muslim. What is strange that I never heard of this theory of Zalem being the root word for Muslim in any of the RSS propoganda.

Similarly, Hindustan, India etc got their name derived from Sindh and means the inhabitants of the banks of Indus. Indus river is miles away from the borders of India, but the name is stuck. Similarly Zalem has no bearing on the nature of Modern muslims.

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Considering you’re in Bangalore, I’m wondering if I know you 🙂 Thanks for coming by.

Such trivia is the kind that sticks in your head’ve got me looking around a bit.

I think you are mis-informed, can you link back to your Google search results
The word “Muslim” is etymologically atleast 1400 years old and is present in the Quran, and means Muslim (one who gives up his will to the will of GOD)

I think you are mis-understanding things a bit 🙂
“Muslim” in Qur’an appears ~ 610 CE (Christian Era) (And The Qur’an hasnt changed since then)
Crusades are ~ 1100 CE
Muslim Rule in Spain starts only after ~700 CE
Even if we agree to the meaning of word “Muslim” as told by Spanish literature, it would still be chronologically after the word’s presence, in the Qur’an, and hence cannot be regarded as a root-meaning for the word.
At best(worst actually), it could be a deliberate attempts to corrupt the meaning of the word, (knowing how Islam-friendly Europe was in context of Spain/Crusades)
Peace and Regards 🙂

PS: Muslim contains a “s”, where-as Zalim contains a “z”, not so easily replace-able considering that there are 3 “s” and 4 “z” in Arabic.
Mixing up s with z is a Western phenomenon 😀

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