Muslims in India

10 years ago Sachar committee published some starkling facts about conditions of Muslim in India. through a detailed district/region by region analysis they found that Muslims were worse off than SC, ST and other marginalized communities.
It is unlikely that the current regime will be setting up a second committee to analyze if the situation has bettered or deteriorated. Are we closer or farther away from our goal of communal harmony and holistic socio-economic development? Hence I was loudly thinking:
1. Are there more avenues for socio-economic development? Is the economic disparity lessen over the past decade?
2. Are the goals of healthcare, access to public welfare programs really reaching the masses?
3. Are the minorities still being cornered and forced to live in enclaves/ghettos? Are more Muslims than Hindus dying in communal violence even today?
4. Is the problem of access to credit, technical education and entrepreneurship being solved?
5. Are they still discriminated against in industry, public employment schemes?
6. Is the next generation being equipped to be proud of being part of India?
Providing sufficient avenues for pursuit of happiness or economic development has been the cornerstone for any diverse multi-cultural society to achieve harmony. Khalisthan movement was solved by strategic affirmative action to achieve economic development of the region. North Western India today is the most prosperous and peaceful region in the country. India has the largest Muslim population in the world and continuing to ignore them is just a ticking time-bomb. For the country to really progress, people from all walks of the society should prosper with it.

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This is a toughie , first the sikhs are a more progressive faith than some muslims , those that integrate with the general population say the bohris are amongst the richest lot of muslims .
It depends on education, mindset and indoctrination … there are even educated engineers and doctors who have fallen under influence of the tabligi jamat and islamists .
There were hindus from pakistanand those from kashmir who came with nothing and still managed to make wealth and have a better life from scratch .
Reservation doesnt solve anything , likes of devyani khobargade and her father show us what reservation has done to the quality of govt bureaucracy in India

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