My mood swings in Stock Markets

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im missing the stock chat column
what say u are we at thrill or euphoria going towards anxiety?
india pe is high in comparison to the more advanced economies

you have my email id.. you can drop me a mail anytime and then we can sit and converse about the picks.
i recently Applied to this Satluj hydro power IPO. apart from that no portfolio changes. What about u? were u able to offload ur stocks and mf?
well i agree the market has not taken into account the PIIGS economy impact on the global stock markets. but then markets are known to have a memory of a few nanoseconds.

i did too
what do u think about jaypee infra
esp when the mkts could fall
did get out of some
somehow i just miss exits by a day or two .. think i should not try to time mkts

right now i am evaluating AK capital. but the problem is that u never know… it can be a dud or a multibagger.
i cannot find much details about the track record of the Jaypee group in terms of taking care of the investors.
however paying 107 for a 10/- face value share of a company that has not started generating revenues is a bit too steep.
about timing 😀 ha ha ha… happens all the time. sometimes i feel that i will be more lucky if i just flip a coin

Well that is the tragedy of a developing country market
lots of lottery counters
on jp i agree ,
but i think i have to be ruthless and not follow the normal bunch of emotions and be less selfish and follow a targeted swp sort of a plan

interesting… i thought that having interest rates less than inflation is good for the economy. this way people who live off their inheritance/interst would get poorer and working plass will rise up the social ladder.
nice article

i know u had that notion
But when u distort things , skew things there has to be long term effect, and repercussions. Even savers have a legitimate right of fair return.

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