Nadi Shastra

For those who don’t know Nadi Shastra is a famous art of Tamil Astrology (Nadi means ‘in search of’). The practitioners claim that the stages of ancient India have recorded the entire human chain of events on a bundle of palm leaves. Based on the individuals thumb print and answers to a series of questions the practitioner is able to retrieve the relevant record (reference palm leaf and the predictions palm leaf) Over the past 20 centuries, several of these leaves are destroyed in fire, flood or due to carelessness. Also only one copy of the record exists. The Nadi Shastra centers have to issue these leaves and return them on a weekly basis. So the chance that your leaf would turn up in the center on that particular day is remote. However to the curiosity of my friend, his leaf turned up in 2 centers on the same day.
Have you wondered that whenever an unmarried person visits Nadi Sastra center, his/her leaf will not contain any information about his spouse’s name. However immediately after marriage, the leaf has the spouse’s name.
How many guesses will it take to correctly predict a randomly chosen number from 1- 127?
Answer: 7 (clue binary search tree algorithm)
They start with a group of commonly used alphabets and eliminate it one by one to obtain to arrive at the right answer. This coupled up with a few intelligent guesses helps build up the entire persona and predictions. Remember, a human being is a believer by nature. (or believes in disbelief) So irrespective of the information provided, he always hunts for an analogy, clause or an instance where the spoken words are true. That is why even a 2/- newspaper is able to make a quite accurate prediction of one’s day.
I would like up to sum up with the words of one of my friend who once said:
“Astrology is a dangerous art. I don’t know if there is any truth in this science, but there is then the astrologer would know things about me, my thoughts and actions even before I realize those words or actions are even possible. If it is bogus, then these guys can subtly persuade and influence me into acts and deeds that they think I should do without providing any logical bias.”

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