new house ;)

When the Smith family moved into their new house, a visiting grandparent asked five-year-old Tommy how he liked the new place.
“It’s great,” he said. “I have my own room Alex has his own room, and Jamie has her own room. But poor mom is still in with dad.”


Ray and Bessie retired and moved to Texas. Ray immediately bought a pair of cowboy boots. He walked proudly into the house and said, “Well, Bessie? Notice anything different?” Bessie looked him over and said, “Nope.” Frustrated, Ray stormed off to the bathroom, undressed and returned stark naked, except for his new boots. This time, he asked louder, “Well, Bessie? Notice anything different now?” Bessie glanced at him, then returned to her knitting. “Nope. It was hanging down yesterday, it’s hanging down today, and it’ll be hanging down tomorrow.” Furious, Ray yelled, “And do you know why it is hanging down, Bessie? ‘Cause it’s looking at my new boots!” Bessie just grunted, “You should’ve bought a cowboy hat, Ray!”

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