No Joint Probe

Why is Pranab Mukherjee is adamant is not allowing Pakistanis to probe the blast site?
We give big lectures on transparency, then why don’t we follow them? If India believes that it is not responsible for the death of Pakistani Nationals, then all their government to investigate.

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when was the last time Pakistan acted fairly??
Who is gonna guarantee there would be no false allegations which everybody reads but nobody looks for proof!!! I don’t think joint probe would be a good idea!! Try n find out what have they done to the list of 20 people list India gave earlier to pak govt.

that is no justification. If India wants to take a high moral ground… which atleast it always claims to have, then it has to start. all the people injured were Pakistani nationals and they have a right of an impartial inquiry to know what happened.

80% of the inidans themselves do not trust the police and investigation of out government…. then why do you expect pakistani to do it.

I thought you would say something after this comment!!!
If you say 80% indians dont believe on police then 99% indians dont believe on ISI. Even the name is considered a synonym for treachery!!!
I have read this whole article … waiting for your comments!!!

why r u bloody indians acting as if you are the victim?
Each and every victim has a right of a impartial investigation and a fair and quick trial.
This is an international crime and you cannot investigate it unless the home government (India) and the Victim’s government (Pak) are involved. The trials (if they ever happen) should be conducted in speedy international courts. Both UN and Pak have a RIGHT in being a part a part of it and India is obstructing the justice by denying it.

Do you guys sincerely want me to believe that Pakistani nationals would be happy in visiting indian courts every week for the next 20 years?????????????????

if you have a point please state it. and do not quote a 10 page book from a guy who has a habit of repeating himself.

I am just against the intelligence agencies in pakistan!!1
pak may have a better judiciary for all accounts and i cant care less .. its just the intelligence agencies with whom sharing any information makes no sense. Lets for a moment say groups from pakistan (or ISI) have a hand in it. will sharing information with them be of any use. And when you say it is an international crime everyone know it … and the Indian Judiciary is answerable to international community. Why not wait and see what they do.

sorry apollo… it was directed towards my best friend Amit and not you. plus the yesterday’s power cut and the resulting heat and mosquitoes left me a bit sulken in the morning.

1) Regarding sharing information… tell me what is the harm… Indians will also be involved… so pak/ISI cannot cook evidence. Secondly the only benefit I can see is that it is a valid effort of India to continue the peace process and prove that they were as much victimized in the blast as Pak nationals.
2) Canadian blasts are history. Plus india by sharing can take a moral high ground and start a trend of a fair an impartial investigation and trial. “Do the right thing” is all I have to say.
I hope we all are agreeing that it is an international crime/terrorism.

3) The article about force airlifting: It clearly states what level of confidence does Pak have in an Indian system.. and highlights the need for India to actively try to build trust.

pegasus i beg to differ. The pakis are only asking for a joint probe because they want to insert minders and make sure that none of the passengers talk too much. The article which u most probably did not read is written by a man who has first hand experience with dealing with the paki intelligence agencies.And he has given a blow by blow account of pakistani perfidy which we should listen to.

And the article about forcelifting of passengers shows clearly the pakistani nervousness about some passenger invariably spilling the beans and proving the involvement of paki based groups. The paki effort right now is to muddle the investigation and make sure it does not reach any proper conclusion so that they can claim that perhaps the martians or flying sphagetti monster were responsible for the blasts.And one wonders why they did this when Kasuri himself had said that the passengers would not be removed before they fully recover.

I don’t see why India should do all the trust building why not give pakistan an equal chance?And clearly this moral superiority thing is nonsense peddled by a bunch of leftists with an agenda. most indians do not share that sentiment. In international politics there is no place for morals. it is plain power politics at that level where might is right.

And i don’t agree that Air India blast is consigned to history. The investigations are still on, justice is still to be done and i believe that since u want a foreign country to join in the investigation of an incident against its citizens here. U should also by that same token support India’s participation in the investigation of an act of terror against its citizens and property in a foreign land. otherwise its simply not consistent.

1. Air India blast should have been properly investigated. and the fact that they have not been settled till date is really sad. India should have firmly insisted on a joint probe or involve UN if they were denied. And I will support you if you write an article about it.

2. airlifting: If I was from Pakistan I would have done the same/or forced my government to do it. Put yourself in their shoes and ask why would you allow Indians to investigate your fellow Brothers? Had Your government been involved/or your representatives been there… it would have been a different case.

3. I did read the article you send… but somehow could make no sense out of it. Sorry but like most guys on the internet I have a very short concentration span. If someone does not make a point in 60 seconds… my mind goes blank.

4. “In international politics there is no place for morals. it is plain power politics at that level where might is right.”
If you truly live by these words… then sorry my friend, it is the end of all reasoning and logic. No matter what I say will have any effect on you and hence I see no point in continuing this discussion.

5. “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”
– Mahatma Gandhi.

I still cant understand how the treatment of those patients would have been affected, if a pakistani investigating agency was involved. I know you are not making any sense and at the same time you are not ready to listen to any arguments based on history so i would leave it “for the time being”.

I think u have already made up your mind. so there is not poit arguing this further.

Anyway to end the discussion let’s decode mahatma Gandhi’s quote now.

Firt, you let ur enemy take out one of your eyes. then you take out one eye of your enemy in return. then he takes out your second eye. Now the score is your enemy has lost one eye and you have lost both. so it is u who has gone blind not ur enemy who has one eye still left. and certainly not the rest of the world which was only watching from the sidelines.

Mahatma Gandhi’s policy is a disaster for whoever chooses to follow it.

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