No night shifts for K’taka women

I love Karnataka Govt.. Initially it was due to the humor that Mr H. D. Dev Gowda adds to the front page with his senseless and stupid speeches and announcements, but now due to the legislations.

The latest one being “Ban of women in night shifts”
Typically I would expect such bills to be pro-females after all, in the eyes of the government, they are the weaker sex who needs protection. But my assumption was soon proved wrong by the last line of the news:
“And this gives women’s groups enough time to gather their resources and voice their protest.”

Can anybody please enlighten me what is the motive behind this bill? Whom is it supposed to benefit?

My stance:
1) Suppose I manage a hotel, restaurant or a shop, and I am an equal opportunity employer… what should I do? Should I continue to pay salaries to employees which will not be productive during the peak business hours (8-10pm) or should I just get rid of them?
2) What is so special about BPO/ IT offices that the ban does not apply to them?
3) What support does the government plans to give to a single mother who lost her job due to this bill?
4) What about the successful businesswoman who will have to sell her enterprise because she can no longer manage her shop while it is open?

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Its the most ironical step from the Government of Karnataka!
“The government says it is the only way to ensure protection for women”
Under the pretext of protecting the women Government is taking away the basic rights of women and the freedom to choose their working time. Does that imply if women are subjected to troubles in the day time, then they will be banned from working in day shift as well and stay at home safely. It clearly reveals the inability of the Government to create a safe Law and order situation by dealing effectively on the crimes against women, be it day or night. I wish that bill doesn’t see its daylight.

Hello 🙂
My first time visit here.
The bill yeah…
Your points are very valid.I wonder if this should be very strictly followed. May be they can have exceptions for women who do not mind working late. This can be helpful for those who are forced to work during late hours….
And I would say it is the individuals right to decide at what time she must work. I do not know how far the govt can imply its idea’s on a individual ..
Lets see…


Welcome to E-Nagar…. currently there is no such exception…
and even if this exception is made.. will it have any value?
all the females who choose not to work late… would be laid off.

I was thinking about these ideas… and the crazy idea generating factories… our politicians…. we have them in excess. and would love to share a few thousand of them with you

Most women hate working in night shifts,(like me). We feel so forced to come to office because of the cash and lack of options. Offices don’t even bother to pay an extra allowance for night shifts. If guys regularly get paid more than girls for the same job then they should be put in night shift.(and they do, it’s a fact of life)

@prerna & kitty
I agree with you that government cannot dictate what a woman should do and what she cannot do….

However.. let me add a new angle
“female labor is banned in underground mines operating in India”
I know government has some medical and hazardous working conditions to justify it… but what would be your stance?

:)) indian ministers… they say one thing one day… and take it back the next day….
few of them deny saying things which they said over a live TV broadcast.

Oh .. i am late here. What i wanted to tell about this , has been told.
one correction though,
about “girls are not allowed admission even in Mining schools because of this”
May be long back. Now it is different. My GF is a mining engineer.

if you are late, you will miss the juiciest of the debates….
nehow you did have a new info to add
BTW when was mining engineering permitted for girls… till 2000 IITs did not allow it 🙁

@peggy, “indian ministers… they say one thing one day… and take it back the next day….”
I guess you were expecting this!!


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