Non Verbal Communication

Here is one of the various class activity that we did in our class. in just 2 minutes, this activity will tell you how you both perform as a team.
Sit with your partner and have one pen and a sheet of paper in front of you.
Then both of you hold the pen TOGETHER, and try to draw a picture.. Maybe a picture of a house with hills, roads, stream etc.
The important point is that both the partners need to hold the pen together throughout the exercise and both of them cannot talk to each other, or communicate with facial communications.

Its looks simple, but the beauty is that in just 2 minutes you will realize who is dominating whom, who wants to draw and who is just there holding the the pen. Are the people drawing by taking turns or fighting. How the other partner reacts when you modify the object/part of the drawing which the other person was making.
Just try it, you will be amazed by the results.

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