Nuclear deal

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From day one I was a strong proponent of the deal and always believed that this deal will open more gates than we can imagine. Recently Russia sold 4 nuclear power stations to India. So even though USA did not gain a single penny directly or indirectly from this purchase (and the Uranium purchase from Russia a few months ago) the US deal was an enabler. This purchase would never had been possible if we did not have the US nuclear pact with us.

I will again emphasize that India has 50 nuclear bombs already and this number is more than sufficient for any nuclear deterrence we hope to achieve. What India needs is Electricity and Infrastructure to fuel the GDP growth rate. For this India should summon any help it requires and any source of capital/technology will not be expensive.

I Thank Manmohan Singh once again for battling against all odds and making it possible.

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why on earth would u like to do that????

all we need is the capability to retaliate and the technology to nuke the enemy’s headquaters…
we already have the big thermo nuclear devices (many times bigger than the hiroshima bombs) to small sub killotonne weapons which can do localized damage…. all we need is that the enemy knows that we have….

plus this deal does not prevent us from making new bombs/reactors…. instead it will allow us to import the precious uranium so that we can use our domestic resources for WMD.

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