Nuclear Security In India

Coal Mines Planning and Designing India Limited (CMPDIL)
was using a Uranium based analyzer which is a potential hazard for 1.5km vicinity. For the last 5 years this hazardous unit was stored at an abandoned building at Hazaribagh which had no security and is now missing.

What I am scared about is that some unsuspecting individual might try to rip open the instrument or even worse get rid of it by burning it or burying it. I am scared about the potential contamination threat it poses for the villagers and groundwater around.

Although everyone (including Green-Peace) is more interested in finding out how Wipro recycles its keyboards. Nobody has booked a case against this public sector company for criminal negligent storage and improper disposal of hazardous material

2) Everyday I see a Traffic Police guy standing in the middle of street battling smoke from all 4 directions. He wears at max a cotton handkerchief and rarely any protection for the noise due to constant honking of automobiles.
If his employer was a private company, this same government would have slapped a hefty fine for Hazardous working conditions and sought to get compensation for the Traffic Police. But a government cannot fine another department… so nobody cares.

Due to the communist legacy, most Indians have a blind trust in governments and think that businesses are run by crooks and conman. But this is not entirely true.

A private company is regularly visited by greedy inspectors of all possible departments just to find a flaw in the establishment. I am against bribes, but this extortion enforces compliance. Inspectors and government officials can earn big bucks, and businessman works day and night to ensure that he is not in violation of the law and hence not blackmailed.

Government and public sector companies unfortunately cannot pay bribe. So nobody is interested in checking for compliance. Hence they can get away with almost anything.

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That is very true. The poor cops on Bangalore road work under hazardous conditions. And I feel they have a thankless job at that. And what you said is very true; the communist parties, for that matter any party, here wouldn’t care a damn about the cops, that wouldn’t be as attractive as say going after IT companies and forming employees union to reduce rampant “exploitation” of employees here. There were workers in mines in Jammu who were on hunger strike for more than 2 weeks demanding wage increase of a mere 30 Rs. The communists were no where there, and needless to say it was a govt owned mine.

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