Oh Jeffrey…

Being an avid fan of sitcoms and an ardent, high-end, pc-game player, I had high expectations from a recent film. I am talking about the release – Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. I have played the game series on which the film is supposedly based. I loved this game so much that for a while I had restyled my erstwhile flowing locks to match the protagonist’s. Also, I knew that the film would feature Richard Coyle, who portrayed my favourite character – Jeffrey Murdock, from a hilarious British sitcom, Coupling. Never earlier had I wanted to throw a shoe at the big screen…hoo boy, what a disappointment!
I tell you why.
The film story is very different from the game and also sucks (My girlfriend differs on this point).
The action sequence leaves me with a hollow feeling when compared to the game series.
The female protagonist, with due respect, stands nowhere in comparison to Monica Bellucci, who modelled and voiced the game’s female character.
Coming to Mr. Coyle, I don’t know if I have stereotyped him as a comedy genre actor or because of his heavy British accent, I don’t think he could portray the character Tus very convincingly (This, after the fact that he is a theatre actor). Half the time while he spoke, I expected a joke in his very Jeff-like voice.
I don’t know about others, but people who were a fan of the game series or of Couping…don’t go for it. It simply ruined my evening.

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