Once in a Midnight Breeze

“Please pay attention, Tara! I can explain it for you, but I can’t understand it for you,” said my English teacher, Priyanka ma’am. ‘Another boring lecture,’ I thought. English was my least favorite subject, as I always found it boring and pointless. I was never fond of languages; I used a lot of gestures. As the bell rang, I quickly packed my bag and ran out of the class to meet my friend, Meera. “Today’s class was really fun, right? The chapter was so interesting!” she exclaimed. “Yeah! It was good,” I replied, thinking ‘How can she find so much meaning in a few paragraphs read from a book?”. With a quick bye, I trudged off towards the school gate. The wet monsoon grass squelched under my polished shoes. As I walked pass the wrought iron gate, I noticed my freshly made footprints shining in the afternoon sun. The nightingales were singing their cheerful song. Monsoon was my favorite season, because everything felt alive under the glistening raindrops. I walked all the way home thinking about rain, and it’s cool drops splashing under the big grey blanket of clouds. As I wiped my feet on the welcome mat after taking off my shoes, my mom asked “Have you completed your lunch, Tara? I made your favorite dish”. “Yes, Mum. It was scrumptious,” I replied. I went to my room to do my homework and revise my chapters. After dinner, I switched the light off and tucked myself into bed. Soon, I heard a tiny splash. And then another. And another. It was raining! I quickly looked out of the window. It was beautiful, but the raindrops seemed to glow with a faint blue light. It was
magical. I opened the window a little and slid my hand through it. A glowing drop fell on it, and I felt a rush of energy in my head. I suddenly felt very light and sleepy, so I went back to bed. I closed my eyes, thinking that I was imagining everything, when I felt a slight tap on my nose. I opened my eyes to see a beautiful creature, which appeared to be a cloud in the shape of a girl. “Come with me, and I shall show you the beautiful skies,” she said. She grabbed my finger and pulled me towards the ceiling and out of the window, making me feel as light as the midnight breeze. She gave me a whole tour of the sky, explaining each and every phenomenon occurring there. Then she bid me farewell, without waiting for me to reply or thank her, and sprinkled a light, feathery powder over me. I suddenly woke up, and realized that it was all a dream. I went to school, brighter and happier than usual. Even the smallest daisies on the roadside glowed with happiness. The first period was English, and ma’am announced that today would be the surprise story writing competition she had been planning. I knew exactly what I was going to write about! After she gave everyone two pieces of paper, she wished us all good luck. I more or less copied everything from last night’s dream. The day we were to get the results of the competition, the whole class was filled with tension and excitement. The students’ jaws dropped till the ground when they heard that it was I who had won first prize! It was then that I realized that anything could be fun and interesting if I had a good attitude about it, and this helped me become the author who I am now. The one who I was meant to be.
This is a lovely piece written by Srilaasya a 6th Grade student from  Bangalore.

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