Parting Gift

Today my best friend and my office colleague gave me gave me this book:
Richard Branson’s “Screw it, Let’s do it”. Along with it, he gave me one of the best handwritten note I have ever seen.

The guy in the book
is just like you
a genius,
loving life to the core,
Crazy enough to try the impossible
Succeeds every time
Never Finished …….

All the Best.

When was the last time someone captured the essence of you so accurately and was actually able to put in words?

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i have no idea what had happened with my wordpress account, there was absolutely no communication from their side.
however these days i am contemplating whether i should continue with wordpress or not. I have to pay them 650/- INR in another 3 weeks to continue operating my account. What do you think i should do?

Is that a one-time payment? And for what?
Since you already have so many posts here on WP, unless there’s an easy way to transfer them to another blogging platform, I’d pay them 650/- if that’s affordable. I’m assuming you do want to keep blogging. 🙂

i have to pay an annual fees of 650/- to keep my domain active and under my name.

about transferring the post. (i have over 1000 of them) it is very easy. WordPress allows users to download a xml file containing all the posts and comments (it even allows users to import posts from blogger)

about blogging… I intend to continue blogging, but i am foreseeing that I might not be able to blog daily and would have to reduce the frequency..

If I were in your position, I’d look into Blogger or Typepad and see if their services are better. But you’d still need to pay to transfer/keep the domain name, right? Sorry, I’m not familiar with how this issue (domain name) works in India.

ankur, if u dont pay will they revert it back to shocking.wp? or shut it down?
heck u can even have an, that wont change things
i think content matters more than the name
enagar.typepad would be a bit different but with sufficient posting and a decent google rating a simple google search will do the trick for the casual guys
regulars wont have problems
and blogging is an addiction

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