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HDFC recently tried to sell me “Classic Pension Insurance Plan”
Here are some of the salient features of the plan:
It is a 30 year plan where for the first 15 years, I would have to shell 1Lakh rupees every year and after 30 years (Nov 2041), I can expect:
1. Guaranteed benefit of 2,488,809/-: Now that is not really a return because it works out a return of 2.135% I guess my savings bank account can deliver more.
2. Same can be said about life cover because the returns one gets a return of 6% on the investment irrespective of the fund performance.
3. If the fund delivers 8% p.a. returns then after 30 years you get a 4.8% return or 45Lakh.
4. If the fund delivers a 10% returns then after 30 years you get an 8.7% return or 109Lakhs.
5. There is a surrender value: You invest 3 Lakhs over 3 years and you get 1L guaranteed in the 4 year. Even if your fund delivers 10% returns, you get 2.8Lakhs. So basically there are severe penalties for premature withdrawal.
Here is my analysis:
1. PPF gives me 8.5% guaranteed. So my returns from PPF match HDFC’s optimistic scenario.
2. If I die even 29 years 11 months and 29 days from the start of the policy, instead of getting 109 Lakhs return, I get only 55 Lakhs. So HDFC will ROB me of 50% of my savings.
3. PPF allows me to take loan/do a premature withdrawal (after 4 years) without any significant penalties. While in HDFC I do not only lose my interest but also the money I have invested.
4. PPF allows me to set the contribution level based on my financial situation. While HDFC will charge a huge penalty if try to delay/reduce my annual payment.
All these make me wonder WHY on EARTH will I invest in HDFC? But again there is no dearth of fools in the planet.
PS: Although PPF is a 15 year plan, you can extend it in 5 year blocks till your end of life.

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Bang on,
A good friend was to buy an insurance policy for his newborn, with Max life.
It was a favor for his agent cum cousin to meat his target and thus facilitate a trip to Thailand.
My analysis was somewhat similar … I told him to cancel the policy as it was just a day old.

Thank you. Exactly what I was interested in learning. Could you also answer me the following questions:
First and obvious question to ones mind is how dos one know the company will be in business after 2 decades ? What happens to investment if the company dies ?
Second question is, when NSC is giving gurranted 8.75% return, and one can invest without any cost, is there any pension fund which is gurranted and offer return which equals or more then it ?
Third question is in last 10 yrs or so, did any company die or gave return mor then NSC ? How many gave less ?

Welcome to E-Nagar.
Pension funds in India is a new concept… so it is not possible to pull out data for past 10 years or so…
what i can say is that 8.75% guaranteed for 30 years is better than 9-10% for a few years and 4-5% for the next few…
when it comes to pension/retirement planning a little bit of certainty is essential

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