Pepsi Misinformation Campaign

Ref: Is my Pepsi Safe? (Pg 7 Hindu 8th Aug 2006)

I sympathize that sometimes people to gain instant publicity target Pepsi/ Coca Cola the most vulnerable multinationals in India. I always thought it was due to their success, but looking at today’s propaganda, I am sure it’s because of their own stupidity.

Let me highlight some of the points.
1) they answered to some of the questions which have emerged in people’s mind:
a. Do pesticide residues compromise safety of food products… No
b. Is the safety of soft drinks compromised by pesticide residue … No
I am no health scientist, but for god sake please don’t think I am a fool.

2) They made an elaborate chart about pesticide residue during various products. If you look on the chart, it shows that the report was generated Jan 2004. Well guys the reason why we are opposing today and not 30 months ago, is because your present products are not adhering to the quality standards.
a. I could never understand citing the reports of Jan 2004 in Aug 2007 as defense against standards that were set on July 2004.
b. By agreeing to the fact that on Jan 2004 you had the technology to purify and adhere to the standards and now you are exceeding the safe limit by 24 times, are you implying that you have no control over the quality of your own products?
c. The second chart shows data based on 1955 safe limits. Hasn’t the laws become more stringent since then?

3) Whenever a standard is made, all the effected parties are consulted and told about the technology which helps them to ensure that they adhere to it. Without this, you are either giving them an open invitation to flout the rules or simply asking them to shut shops. This would otherwise be harassment! In more than 2 years you did not implement the technology and silently broke laws. All the noises now made sound like “ulta chor kotwal ko date” (the thief blaming the sheriff for lawlessness)

4) Comparison with tea: Pepsi in this advertisement wrote paragraphs and charts about Tea. What they failed to mention is that it is the tea leaves they are talking about. (another misinformation) So although each and every molecule of pesticide in Pepsi gets ingested, you soak the tea leaves and drink only the strained water. So minuscule amount of unwanted substances is found in what we drink. Also Making Pepsi is like pouring clean water; add syrup and lots of CO2. While tea plantation and other edibles need to be monitored for pest. Also you cannot just filter an apple to remove chemicals it has absorbed.

Just one word to Pepsi Corporation. Don’t think we are fools.

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I have always felt sick drinking these soft drinks – just manufactured sweetened water with a lot of gas – no nutrients. Atleast tea is natural made with leaves milk and sugar, how can it be bad ?

Adding : By spending Rs.20/- for 330 ml of a drink (just a little more than a coffee mug), i expect them to use purified water. No matter if the ground water they use is contaminated or not. Ground water in developed may be more contaminated than in India. They use as high as 12kg of pesticides against India’s 450g per hectare(The Hindu). Still Pesti Cola and Coca Cola can conform to standards in those countries but not here!!

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