Perfect Morning

I have been brought up in a traditional middle class family where no morning starts without spending some time reading the newspaper. My school started on Thursday and I just now realized that since then have not touched the newspaper. This Sunday morning, while I was staring at the stack of 3 unopened newspaper, I wondered should I discontinue my newspaper subscription.

Is my newspaper like that gym membership which I had taken 2 years ago. I could never take the time out to work out in that gym, yet somehow the very idea of cancelling such a membership meant that I have resigned to the fact that I am too weak to improve myself, do the things we like.

How many times have we paid for the goods and services which we believe we should have, but also secretly know that it will be a complete waste of money.

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In matters like this it is better to have the choice to actively do it rather than passively enable it. For example instead of having the newspaper delivered to you, buy it when you go out. Will you do it everyday? In most foreign countries you have to buy your own paper, having it delivered costs more. Ditto for gym membership. No gym in India offers a daily package – ie you pay for the day you use it. This facility is available in other countries. Then it is up to you to make the effort. If you don’t at least your financial health will not suffer since you have not paid in advance.

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