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Two guys are walking down a dark alley when a mugger approaches them and demands their money. They both grudgingly pull out their wallets and begin taking out their cash.
Just then, one guy turns to the other, hands him a bill, and says, “Hey, here’s that $20 I owe you.”

Jokes apart,
Today in the crowded bus, somebody picked my pocket and stole my phone. (so I would be without a cellphone or any electronics gadget for the next 30 days)
The strangest thing is that all throughout the trip, I was concerned by my wallet. One of my closest friend whose phone got stolen 6 months ago, also had the same feeling just before his phone was stolen. I wonder how often do we exhibit clairvoyance, getting a bad feeling just before something bad has happened.

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i have barred the SIM card, but since the guy has switched off the phone and probably thrown the sim away so the phone cannot be tracked πŸ™
i hope i enjoy my gadget free month

But I think one can do more.

You can talk to your Service provider and inform them about this issue. They would block your sim card and transfer the credits on to your new sim card; assuming that you choose the same Service provider.

Hope you didn’t lose much cash.

This incident reminds me of Malgudi days:

A thief pick pockets a Man’s Purse. On opening it, he sees no money but a small Balloon. He is overwhelmed with emotions thinking about the Gift the Father had for his child. He then returns the Purse to its Owner/puts it back into the Owner’s Bag and is caught in the Act by all. He is then beat black and blue.

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paul of cafe philos has a post just for u
yes some people can predict or sense their future to an extent
u included

I had the same experience within a few minutes of landing in Paris: lost 1000 euros, and then pretty much spent a hot summer holiday as one of the poorer tourists….
And yes, I did get the feeling I was going to be taken, but in retrospect, this was probably just after the pinch.

thats exactly what i have discovered. almost all of the people who were pick pocketed felt the danger before they realized that they discovered they were pick pocketed.

1000 Euros, man that must have hurt… plz tell me that your insurance covered it.
i always prefer to use travelers cheques/plastic during foreign travel…

no i don’t have the IME number πŸ™ so no locking was possible.
also I just inquired, IME locking does not work, because carriers have no way to verify the authenticity of the person blocking the mobile.
IN US, the phone is owned by carrier (and loaned free of cost to the subscriber against a rental plan) so they are allowed to lock the IME number

Oyi I would kill for my phone, if someone even tries to come near my phone I become too much angry. I hate to think how I will feel after loosing my phone. No I don’t want it to happen!!!
So sorry for you!!!

i got fed up of the auto guys bullying the customers, tampering their meters and overcharging so decided to take a bus for a change πŸ™
PS: i don’t own a vehicle

although i am not too possessive about my cell, but yes, its a major inconvenience πŸ™

oh thats bad news.
Years back I lost my wallet with around 2000bucks that ma dad gave me to pay off my fees. I did not get it back. πŸ™
It happens in life. It helps us to be careful the next time. I now check my wallet every 5 mins if am on a bus, while riding my bike. everytime.

// I won’t be without a cellphone for the next 30 days// I think u meant u would be without a cellphone?

hey thanks for yr wishes came here through that link… and hey you can get your IME number from your mobile provider as they have it because it records it once we put our sim in the cellphone. i got mine from them when i lost my cell..

yes i did try, but my carrier (service provider) said that there is no way they can establish that i am the authentic owner of the cellphone and that I have not sold/gifted/transferred it to anybody else. hence there is nothing i can do.

However my friends who own a CDMA phone (mine is a GSM) have blocked their cellphone after they had lost it

Thz bad as u own the no…so itz u right..i have worked for vodafone her in NZ so i knew they have my IME…it helped…i m always scared of loosing my cellphone as bad at remembering dates..have this since school days those dates in history classes….:) so forget my friends birthdays etc so have them stored on my cell which helps me…in wishing them on time. god cant imagine what is like being without a cellphone for a week…

My mobile(which was a gift from my father) was stolen some three years back and it was immediately replaced(by my father) by a new one because I gave him the I-have-failed-you-as-a-son look for three days and then he couldn’t take it anymore. πŸ˜†

well look at my plight, i am gadget free for the next 30 days.

my god, you seriously did that? my parents would have given me all those long lectures on being responsible before even contemplating the idea that the cell phone can be replaced…
neways the biggest inconvinience is that i have forgotten most of my friends phone numbers…

a friend of mine once lost a phone
he complained to the police, they took the complaint and shut the case
most of them know which thief operates in which area in their beat, they simply demand a cut from him … this is India

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