Power of Ethics

“Badh acha par Badnaam Bura”
It is ok to be bad, but if you are infamous for being bad, then you are screwed.

Lately I have come to a realization that:
1. Most people inherently feel a compulsion to do good. If they have morally/ethically wronged you, then harping about it, could make them feel guilty. And a guilty person often ends up yielding more than he/she should.

2. Satyawadi Harishchandra was a fool and could never be successful in real life. The question about whether one should be ethical or not is entirely dependent on “What kind of public image you want?” and “What implication would that public image have on you?”
eg: A loan shark who is humane and considerate is more likely to go out of business than the one who beats the defaulters into a pulp.

PS: This post is going to be very controversial. however I am just distilling the learnings I got by interacting with some successful people whom I admire. It maybe because I am picking up the wrong role models.


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3 replies on “Power of Ethics”

Our life lands up into situations, where one needs to choose between right and wrong. Sometimes the demarcation is fuzzy, or made fuzzy by us.
What life generally throws at us is a full range of gray(not B/W) situation, and we re-act to it in a gray manner.
Generalization of everything as good/bad is dangerous and hypocritical.
Also the range of gray is different and people’s condone-ment would be at different level.

Right or Wrong? Who decides that? It is up to individual, my opinion is that by doing anything if you make some gains (tangible or intagible) then it is right.

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