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I applied for a LPG gas connection, but was denied because I did not have a ration card.

I am strongly against use of Ration Card of PDS (public distribution system) for address Proof. Why?

Firstly whats the purpose of Ration Card?
1) Distribute a limited quantity of Food and other essential Items at sub-market rates… so that the incidence of malnutrition is less.
2) To save the environment by supplying alternative fuel (Kerosene oil) and hence discouraging people from chopping trees for firewood or using unhealthy and smoky cow dung cakes.

For these noble missions to be achieved
1) the scheme should cover all the needy.
2) It should prevent people profiteering by owning fictitious cards.

So essentially this document is a nothing more than a proof of existence and citizenship. By making it an address proof you hit the following problems:
1) Needy homeless people, migratory labor, and people who cannot afford an authorized housing and live in slums are immediately debarred from its benefits. Hence defeating its very purpose.
2) You artificially increase the value of this document creating all sorts of trouble. Esp. Considering Ration Card has little or no security provisions against tampering and forgery.
3) You force rich and upper middle class (who do not avail the benefits of ration card) the hassle of maintaining it.
4) This increases the paperwork of the government by issuing cards to people who will never use it.
5) It increases the chances of pilferage, impersonation, and profiteering because the ration allocation to the rich would be diverted to the black market.
6) Most Importantly: Since it is a proof of address, it has been repeatedly used against the government in regularization of Slums and Janta Colony. So its puts government under the dilemma… deny PDS to the real poor BPL (below Poverty line) persons or lose control over a prime piece of Land… More often then not, the latter wins.

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Ya i agree with the point..and more over when you are settling in another city and you want the facilities there you can not use your ration card of native place…
so whats the use in a world where all are migrating from one place to another..

I believe now there is at least 1 more person who is now questioning the existing system… this person will influence more people around him/her….
over time this awareness should make a difference…. and make India a better place. πŸ™‚ after all we are officially a democratic nation.

very true……. the cons in this matter weigh out to be more then the pros……and hence a system laid for the betterment of the ‘aam aadmi’ actually just becomes another way for the ration shop owner down the lane and the chain up.. to increase their profits…..does some govt. some day think of an efficient way 2 improve this system…this economic tool can be of very good use and come handy to further accelerate the economic growth of the country….. and yea as the prev. commenter says… one more person is now questioning …and thus influencing a few more ppl…so lets hope this issue 1 day (hope not very late) becomes ‘the important question’ and the system is improved..

Ration Card – symbolises exactly what is wrong with India, its Bureaucrats, and Corrupt Politicians.

Remember: Laws are not made by the common man, it is the legislature, and Clerks across govt. offices. Others are expected to follow.

Are we serious when we think – there is anyone in govt. who is actively thinking how to improve existing systems?

When i went to get a Driving License – i observed that the driving test inspectors were selling ‘play’ tickets. I realized soon why. I was asked to buy two of them – with a implicit threat – if you do not buy you will be failed in the test.

No wonder private secotor (where ordinary citizens apply their brains) flourishes, license-raj and its public sector rots.. and survives only because of monopoly.

Some of these politicians should be jailed right away for attempting to derail india’s progress.

those are really harsh words.. but again truth is bitter.
thanks for sharing.

I think the problem is that there are too many sheep in the country and the few hounds get their way out by enforcing their wish on the general masses.

//Some of these politicians should be jailed right away for attempting to derail india’s progress//
ahaa..Pegasus…did we hear this somewhere πŸ™‚

Yeah..I agree ration card shd not be considered
as address proof..its an outdated obsolete practice .

worse still it is easy to fudge ration card. Correct me, but I think there is no police verification (as you see in a passport).. yet very few govt offices prefer ration card over passport as a proof of citizenship.

no govrenment employee has it own view they are simplay following the path what in old days followed. neither they are tried to find out anther way.till the they donot get retire they will keep doing the same. they are getting there salary without cosiderning any addtion of quality work. user friendly documentation.
govt should be hard hearted who donot accept the change should live the job. let put new blood in the system from TOp to Bottom. give the target of accuracy to them, salary should be dependent on the performence
same thing private sector doing and getting more and more profit and good service than govt system.
our national leader thing only about corruption and setting to earn money if they are happy then you should consider all are happy. if they are unhappy of other are unhappy. if the leader are happy then why should they think about facility provided to common man.? cooman man are not oraganised to raise there voice upto sleeping goverment and leader till that time enjoy all mess will be there.

great india run by foolish leader. when the younge qualified leader come to front line of politics.


I agree Govt Bureaucrats has vested interests in making rules and systems complicated. Because the more complicated they are, the more they have freedom to misinterpret/stall and more the people would get confused and hence pay them more respect.
The departments that have streamlined the process are penalized because now people don’t bend backwards trying to please them, instead they give them even harder tasks.

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