Registration Confirmation mail

Most websites will force you to register before you can access reports/reviews on it. Why?
Many blogs do not allow you to comment unless you are a registered member. Why?

They are like the annoying buggers you meet and cannot brush off:
1) They will practically force you to give your phone number.
2) Then they they will insist that it should be their mobile number
3) Then they will ring you on the spot just to verify if it is your real phone number
4) Finally every 30 minutes they will send you an annoying SMS or call you at awkward hours.

If I want you to contact me, I will take your number and call you. It is fruitless to force me Because:

1) Purpose defeated: I will only give my defunct alias email custom made for all these stupid subscriptions.
2) It is painful for me to go through all these steps just to download a stupid file or read a stupid article. bad mood = hate the content.
3) In Internet your popularity spreads by sharing. If you love an article/video/photo, you will email the link to 100 others and so on. But I will expose only enemies to an agony of registration.

So one request to all the website/blog owners. Ask for identity only when required. Do not go against the free spirit of internet.

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