Reservation in IITs

As per this article

IIT selected just 159 Students (SC/ST) for 414 seats. Then going by the past trend, 40 of these would drop out because of the ill treatment they will receive in the 1 year long preparatory course and/or poor grades.
I could never understand is that why there is so much fuss about helping 120 students p.a.?

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You may want to read the article more carefully. 159 is the figure for ST, not SC/ST. SC had another 690 students who qualified.

1. SC/STs come to IITs without having any basic knowledge by reservations.
2. Because of 1, They cannot understand anything in the class room.
3. Because of 2, They receive ill-treatment.
4a. Because of 2 or 3, They will drop out,
4b. Because of 2, They will be terminated.
5. If 4b happens, they go to media, and SC/ST commission.
6. Because of 4b, Media abuses IITs. SC/ST commission asks directors of IIT to fix the problem 3 and take the students back. But, nobody bothers about the problem 1.

We may need another Ambedkar to fix the problem 1.

The depreviation points are there for all other categories except for SC/STs. For SC/STs, still there are reservations. I agree that, deprevation points for few categories is much much better than not having at all.

If you know what all is happening in Andhra Pradesh regarding castes, then you will understand why am I expecting for a miracle. One article on caste system is

There are thousands of instances like this. It is unfortunate that, government also encourages that. If anybody talks some thing bad against them (even if it is true), then they would be arrested immediately. That’s why, it is difficult to see those really ugly things in the news. Everybody fears of being arrested. Everybody thinks that, everything is going very well here, where as everything is so ugly that, we cannot even say publicly that it is ugly.

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