Review: Taj Bengal

Yesterday I was invited for dinner at Taj Bengal, one of the most expensive restaurants in this part of the country. To my surprise, the chef had added artificial green colors in the Palak Paneer.
Holi is round the corner but that does not mean that I should start eating artificial chemical poisons. I oppose the use of colors because of these 3 reasons:
1. These are chemicals which are harmful for the body
2. One sub-standard and poor quality food articles are adulterated with artificial colors
3. It cheats the consumer because colors give a false impression of quality and enable the merchant to charge extra for the sub-standard products.
All packaged food item need to carry a health warning if they contain colors, preservatives and other harmful substances. I think its high time that restaurants esp. the ones that charge exorbitant costs also need to carry statutory warning for their malpractices.

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