Rotten Mangoes

A mango lover bought a box of dozen of juicy ripe mangoes, just to discover that one of the mango is over-ripe. Not having the heart to throw it away, he consumed it and stored the remaining 11 mangoes for the coming days.

Next day he found that another mango had gone bad, and the poor guy ended up doing the same. Nett result is that out of a box of 11 ripe mangoes he ended up consuming a dozen rotten mangoes.

So many times, to save the best for the future, we spoil our present. Won’t it be better if our man got rid of that lone rotten mango and enjoyed a box of juicy mangoes.

8 replies on “Rotten Mangoes”

Two things –
1. In real life, it is not easy to separate the rotten mango easily from others, in most cases there are some elements of rottenness in most mangoes and it is hard to pinpoint.

2. Assuming the prev point was not applicable and the rotten mango was identified, can one throw him/her out if it is family?

I was really funny to read this article. I don’t knowhow this guy ate so many rotten mangoes. I to agree that “to save the best for the future, we spoil our present”. But most the people following this .I think people should not consider about the future and they should be taught how to enjoy the present life.

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