sardar and turbans

I might be a little biased in this post.. but thats because I believe that:
Helmet rule…. A law to protect a head that is too dumb to think about its safety.

There are 2 reasons to write this post.
1. I wonder why Sikhs are not allowed to wear safety helmets, and not forced to shave off their beards.. while muslims are?
an IAF airman recently questioned this, but was turned down.

2. I am amongst those rare non sikhs to has visited several of the Gurudwaras recently (not only in Punjab, but also in nanded and Patna). I noticed that in few of the paintings, Guru Govind Singh were shown wearing a steel helmet. Also the armors in display in gurudwaras resemble the armors that Mugals used. That included the helmet.
So where in history did we reach at a situation where Sikhs are not required to wear the helmets?

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the law of giving exemption to sikhs is there since british times , and the times after Ranjit singh – when the british found reliable soldiers in Sikhs and Nepalis

Nyways not many sikhs are there in the air force most of them prefer army viz infantry and tanks

it does not matter how many sikhs r there… the question i am asking is if their gurus were wise enough to wear a steel helmet and increase their chances of survival… then why are their followers not following it…
or is it a matter of pride to have an exception for your caste/subaste or clan

Are the Sikhs not ‘allowed’ to wear helmets or are they not ‘required’ to wear them? No offense meant! Personally, if any one cares to listen, I’m of the opinion that the rule of the law should be applied unequivocally and not based on what religion one is born into!

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