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Sawaariya is one long song with some breaks for dialog. And by dialog I mean girly giggling by the chic and some punch-me-in-the-face expressions accompanied by pig-like grunting by the hero. One wonders if all the actors are the props and the set is the real star in this movie. I came really close to concluding that the bridge-over-the-fake-river is the central star of the movie, because everyone of the other actors looks like they were made of rock. And the rocks had moss growing over them. And the rocks were painted blue

To say Saawariya is a crappy movie would not be correct. Horrendously Ridiculous comes close, but it doesn’t really capture the essence of the absurdity that this movie is. After watching this movie I felt like tying up Sanjay Leela Bansali alone in a room, forcing him to watch a cockroach chase a spider round-and-round a water fountain for 3 hours. That too in blue light. Because seriously, that’s what this entire movie is. It’s two grossly untalented kids, who probably got kicked out of college for lack of attendance and ended up on this set to spend the rest of the day. And for the love of God, I can’t figure out why the whole movie is in blue! Maybe the director was trying to get every frame half-black half-blue so that the WinZip compression would work better to save some electrons, what with all the global warming and all. That’s the best explanation I could come up with, because nothing else can explain the lack of daylight (or plain light, for that matter) in this movie.

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no blody wonder- i didnt expect u to post one on sawaria

ive lost interest in hindi movies world cinema is my kinda thing — korean movies r great so are the classics like peter sellers etc

also got lots of positive feedback on jwm might just see it but cant get myself to
but i just hate k kapoors face- she cant act either and keeps screaching !

il watch american gangster trrow – dont miss it from the preview it is good

Ranbir Kapoor looks cute in the promos.You haven’t talked about him Ankur.I don’t watch a film untill recommended by somebody I trust so I was saved. Nobody has given a positive review so far.

whats with all the hero’s having 6packs these days
last time when i saw shahrukh khan so close that i almost bumped into him he looked so skiny
yes the 6 pack of oso was still intact under a semi transparent shirt.
oso is good as per my friends review it is timepass

i might see goal

I really liked this review because it calls a spade a spade. Every other review praises Ranbir and Sonam like they are the next best thing to have happened after sliced bread. They suck. Ranbir overacts (and will someone please tell him to lose that Sadhana cut hair style… ewww!), Sonam underacts (so young and has “Aunty” written all over) and Salman cannot act. The story (?) … sorry.. there’s no story. The set is like SLB placed someone’s blue dupatta in front of the camera. Boring, boring, boring. Wake up SLB. Stop being so full of yourself and start reading the reviews (I read, in Mid-day I think, that he said he is not reading anything about Sawaariya.)

I think the film was more on the artistic side. So those having affinity with colours will like the decor & colours used throughout the film. Notice there blue/purple light and green to keep the fairy tale atmosphere, n the actor/actress always dresses in rich colours like velvety red, contrasted with stark black and the girl wear dresses with floral designs etc.

The story do lack some realism e.g ranbir is jobless-homeless but still appears rich in demeanour [hats, suit..], salman is like an out of space character, sonam hardly behaves like a conservative muslim girl [fell asleep in a man’s bed! and she holds hand of another man though she’s ‘committed’ to salman, covers her head but waist/back is uncovered, wants to send a letter to an untraceable ‘iman’], raj-sekina was about to become lovers as if there were hardly religious/societal barriers to their love. Hence lack reallism..

Otherwise I appreciated the rich colours used [yeah no daylight, purple & green lights seen inside & outside buildings], and I first thought the train running on the bridge as seen from the tower/church was Computer Animation i.e CG.. but it’s but in the city of Simla – the bridge does exist.

Maybe those who fell in love at first sight with someone would love this film, coz this film depicts how mad love make boys n girls alike [sekina on waiting like a lunatic on bridge, raj persisting in winning sekina’s love+his heart ache, salman the strange guy who appears n disappears but still holds true to his love, and gulabji who can fall in love despite her situation]

I think the blue/green/purple lights has purposely been used to make the film different n memorable to those who might’ve liked the film: that’s the visual part. The beautiful songs of the film contributes to auditory memory. N the story creates feelings [whether good or vomit inducing] that will strengthen the experience. But I think the techniques didn’t work wonders for the majority of audience..

//But I think the techniques didn’t work wonders for the majority of audience..//
exactly … u r smart and revolutionary when ur innovative techniques work…. and a buffon when they backfire… that is how the world is….
Welcome to ENagar

i understand that you are entitled to your own opinion, but i would like to say please don’t underestimate people and be too critical about them. I have not watched the movie, but I did watch this thing on the making of it and I was honestly surprised at how hard movie making is. And if the whole movie is in blue light, isn’t that whole new artistic level that no one has tried yet? As for the story line itself, I don’t know how it is….but i think we shouldn’t completely rule this movie out as being horrible. Also the dancing and songs in this film are just awesome….i think this movie is a new level and new ground for hollywood.

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