SBI’s Gomti Nagar Branch

Public sector banks have come a long way to compete head on with the various private and international banks. Yesterday, I had the pleasure to visit the Gomti Nagar Branch of SBI. Its situated right in the center of one of the busiest malls in the capital. I must say the deco was eye catching. There was a luxurious lounge with a view, a plasma tv where you can surf the latest channels, a foot massager, all customers were greeted with a cup of hot coffee, etc etc. To add to my delight, the branch is open till 9pm. Need I say more.
Even though, I had no intention to bank/open the account, but as I was window shopping I could not stop but step into it. The best part is that SBI will make you their premium account holder if you just maintain 25,000/- rupees. (As compared to 3 Million required by Citi and other international banks, and 1-5 Lakhs required by ICICI Bank). Also SBI has branches in almost all the nook and cornor of the country. I wonder how can anybody compete against them?

PS: I wanted to open an account in this branch, but was told this branch exclusively serves female customers.

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Not to take side of Citibank (I hate a lot of things there) … but Citi premium is probably 1lakh (not sure) and Citi allows use of _any_ ATM without extra charges 3 times a month

Still – the biggest drawback of SBI is it’s lack of call center. Anything and everything requires you to visit bank. I don’t think I’ve visited citibank in last 2yrs or so! Plus net banking on SBI is pppppainful (both to activate and to execute). Lastly Citi/HDFC/HSBC keep coming up with tonnes of offers at merchant sites / airlines etc etc

They still charge me if I want to transfer funds to another SBI branch. They charge me for changing my base branch. They charge me for “ATM Card facility”.

SBI still suck! (except for their coverage)

thanks for your comments. I have personally not banked with SBI, so cannot collaborate.

I just described my experience with one of their branch. it will be better if you walk into one of their branch to know about the exact benefits

well why not
it is a psu bank after all .. there has to be some waste and nonchalant attitude to profitmaking…
i have had the most horrid time with sbi ,that too in one of the largest branches of mumbai,so much so that i had planned to shut off that account
but things at sbi have changed a bit

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