school teacher

A gorgeous young schoolteacher ran a red light and got caught by a ticket camera. She went to the traffic court judge’s chambers to request special attention since she was supposed to be teaching her class.
The judge looked over her beautiful body and said, “You know, I’ve always had a fantasy about schoolteachers.”
Her ticket, her fine, her increased insurance rates flashed through her mind. As she sat on the edge of his desk, she said, “Why, judge. Is there anything I can do about it?”
The judge grinned. “You sure can. Sit down at that table over there and write ‘I will not run a red light’ five hundred times!”


street, Bengaluru South, Karnataka, India

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Hey, thats really funny…I really think , dont teachers have pity on small kids make them write certain things 500 times…
In b/w , thanks for leaving ur wonderful thought on my blog..
Take care…

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why complain….
i thought u were a bookworm… or were u a silverfish?

i do not know why, but all guys (including myself) have had a crush on their teachers….
but i still feel that judge enforced a just punishment.

for the quest of a perfect figure, these girls starve themselves to death… and then the whole world looks like chickens, ice-creams…..

yes u r right…. i need to ignore these remarks of a famished cannibal.

//why am i disappointed :(//
now u r depressing me πŸ™ should i restore it?

//the blow wld have been less forceful if it
was done fairly :(//
ya cosmetic surgery is a risk… πŸ™ nehow i am sure u must have taken an appointment for a redo

//now u r depressing me should i restore it?//
nope…got what i want.

//nehow i am sure u must have taken an appointment for a redo//
this time I’ll make sure its not a quack πŸ˜›


thnx but no thnx …. il date one πŸ˜› instead

SAMAAJ SEWAA is not ma department, flirting is.

badway ive noticed u have removed ma url frm ur blogroll list any particular reason ??

good luck with that one…. just make sure u reduce ur risk by investing in multiple portfolios.

i tried some crazy setting and all the wordpress urls disapeared…. i am readding them one by one.

u know u sound just like that girl… often, one day all a sudden she would be all angry with me and when I asked her “now what did I do?”,
she would say “so you don’t know…” and more red hot anger….
and in my quest to ask her wheather this was the reason what pissed her off…. I would give her 3 new reasons.

so lady me no guessing this time.

:)) that was a good one Pegasus..

well..never liked stereotypes…
I was referring to u attacking the comment if u dont like the content πŸ˜›

when did that happen???
i must be stone drunk then…. so now i have 2 more kids that i know nothing about…..
i wonder if after paying for their education et. al. any grass would be left for me to graze πŸ™

//it will be like being imprisoned in a rehab.//
something for the poor patient πŸ™‚
Q: How many stoners does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Four. One to hold the lightbulb and three to smoke until the room starts spinning

like it ?

//i think u r a collector of all things useless //

for a minute i took it personally πŸ˜›
sorry I forgot u are in rehab .. =))

//it definitely made my day //
I am happy πŸ™‚

//have u ever tried weed?//

hey I will tell u abt the only weed I have dealt with
know what Pegasus…we had a very strange punishment for kids who come late to school….
(and since my friend and I go togehter , we have each other for company…)
we were asked to weed the school grounds…ours was a few acres…and we’d choose a nice green spot…
and we used to weed weed and weed all while chatting singing and sharing jokes …..looking at our joy , the teachers wld then give us the real punishment of sending us to class πŸ™
and my weed story came to an end πŸ™

//sorry I forgot u are in rehab .. =))//
ya its been hard… i am all shaky today.

//hey I will tell u abt the only weed I have dealt with//
why did i expect that this line would be followed with a story of corporal punishment with a reed?

some teachers have a problem with smiling kids. πŸ™‚ but good it was a happy story

//some teachers have a problem with smiling kids. //
they are scared that they’d lose control of the kids πŸ™

//but good it was a happy story //
Alls well that ends well πŸ™‚

exactly my sentiments, Pegasus πŸ™‚
2 sweet words between the cats and the monkey wld be out of business….
and the guardians of ‘ethics and moral standards in business’ need not curse the poor monkey πŸ˜›

I love all my teachers πŸ™‚
I had to give a speech in the US comparing India and US ,
and the one thing I said is “You have mother’s day , father’s day etc..why is
that u dont have a teacher’s day ? But for them ,I wld’nt be here giving this speech” .
But I think the bond we had with teachers when I was in School is not
seen now as teachers change frequently.

//treated well enuff 2 want 2 stay//
I agree anybody can go nuts when locked in a room filled with crying toddlers.

But the pay is satisfaction and respect… plus tell me one other full time profession where u get month long summer breaks, so many vacations plus u do not work after lunch?

I dont know if its the pay…
I think those days ppl who came to teach had a passion
for that job and chose it.
These days its a stop gap arrangement to get another job.

//These days its a stop gap arrangement to get another job.//
i won’t say that….
I personally know a guy Mr Bansal of Kota Rajasthan, who is in a wheelchair, has no exceptional degree, very humble background… yet he earns 10s of crore of Rupees each year through high school tuitions.
and there would be thousands of others who make a more than decent living through it.
Then in my college a lot of the faculty members earned more than 1cr each year through consultations.

so if u r passionate, and good at whatever u do.. sky is the limit

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