Sense and Simplicity

The parcels often get damaged during shipment. And once I open the carton, it is very hard for me to conclusively prove that I received my fragile merchandise in broken condition and receive compensation.

So container companies came up with a solution just for me. Just attach these 2 inexpensive tags on your box and the recipient can know the state without even touching them.

When dispatched, the gel in this tube is transparent. However if the box is shook/jerked excessively, the gel turns red. (as in the picture)

See the blue beads/crystals in the bottom or the arrow?
Initially the entire display is transparent. The walls of this display are sticky, and there is lots of excess blue powder at the base. Now if the box is tilted, the blue beads will start shifting. Some of them will find their way to the arrow and stick to the walls. Hence leaving behind a trail of what happened.

A great idea is one which is simple, easy to understand and yet solves all your problems.

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