Shelf Space Management

So many books on retail talk about how the aisles in the store are laid out, which shelf should contain what product, of which size and which variety, how prominent the display should be, what sku (stock keeping units) should be in its vicinity etc. However what these theories cannot comprehend is the strategies of Indian retail.
Visit any grocer, fruit, vegetable store or a saree store and you will find that few of its best products are never on display. The shopkeeper will go back to his store, take his own sweet time and retrieve a box. While he is unwrapping the product, the salesman would narrate anecdotes, stores about the product to build up a lot of aura around the product. So effectively he is able to cater to various customer groups and make best use of the store front but also use his loft/warehouse in his retail strategy.
A link from Amit listing out a few ways in which a consumer can slash his grocery bills by understanding how the aisles are laid out.

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Perhaps this has to do something with what Mr Biyani had said. Indian mentality is, well, weird and complicated. We don’t mind ‘butt-brushes’ and haggling. Maybe this particular aspect denotes that we feel special that the ‘good stuff’ has to be brought out for us and is not in the public’s eye for scrutiny.
Isn’t it more akin to when our parents came after a trip and said they don’t have anything for kids, and then they would fish out something from deep in their luggage? That made kids feel really special about that gift…

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