Simple questions, tough answers

Society has become so complicated these days that its best not to ask any personal questions. Why?

1. How many kids to you have?
Last weekend, I met this interesting British fellow. He said: “From my first marriage, I have 2 kids (one of which did not survive). My second wife has 2 kids. 1 from a previous marriage and another which I have fathered.”
After this, in a friendly way, he threw back the question to me: “Now you tell me what should I answer? Whenever someone asks this question, I am perplexed should I answer him the number of kids I have fathered, or the number of kids I provide for, or the number of surviving kids?”

2. Where do you belong to?
My forefathers come from a region which I have never visited. My grandparents build their house in a second state, where I have lived only for a year. My father build one in a third city, where I have never spend more than 10 days. My education was done in 9 different schools across 5 different states and the longest period I have stayed in one place was during my Under graduation. So to which part of the country do I belong to?

Is there a simple question in your life to which you have no answers?

2 replies on “Simple questions, tough answers”

Yes, there are many questions like these… even the simplest like ‘What’s up?’ can make you think what you should answer!!

haha… i can totally relate to u man !!

When ppl ask me wr r u originally i get all confused waht shud i answer em. My Paternal Grand father was from Lucknow but his forefathers were from Arab. My Paternal Grandfather’s family came from Arab as well chilled out in Iran for some time and ended up in UP(India). Now we all live in Karachi so tell me what should i tell em?

I use to tell em India but they dont buy that bcuz of ma fair skin and red cheeks.

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