Skulls, Caps & Secularism

Guest post by T.R. Ramaswami
I write with reference to your front page news item “I Won’t Wear a Skull Cap Just to Pose : Modi” (ET 12 April 2014). At last someone has the guts to say so in contrast to the pseudo-secular wimps we have in politics. Why should anyone wear a skull cap to show that he cares? Will a mullah or Imam put on some vibhuthi, chandan and kum-kum on his forehead, or wear a rudraksha mala or carry a trishul as a reciprocal gesture? The answer is clear – it is some opportunists from the majority who are making asses of themselves by soaping the minority in the hamam of vote bank politics, while the minority has a good laugh at all of them. Incidentally let all these “secularists” be told – it is not enough to wear a skull cap on your head. You have to also remove the cap on the head of another extremity of your body. Can they confirm that they have done this? You don’t become a Mahatma only by sleeping with two young naked females.

street, Bengaluru South, Karnataka, India

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