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Sky Tv vs Cable Guy

Please make conclusions at your own risk. These analysis were from an email forward.



1. Corporate working benefits: 24 hour call center, online and telephonic support, trained engg. Etc.
2. You never ever get grains/ants/ noise in picture quality or in sound.
3. All channels provide same picture and sound quality, important when you invite friends for a cricket match and your TV is showing Jassi Jaisi seamlessly but makes you wonder if sachin is batting or harbhajan on ESPN?
4. As long as your TV receives electricity you can view programs, not depending on electricity or wire failure from operator.
5. View what you like and pay only for that. You always get free viewing for few channels as a part of promotion.
6. Channel numbers are set by service provider and they don’t change for whatsoever. So don’t waste finding Sony TV while half of the Big Boss is over.


1. Bad reception during moderate and heavy rains, especially if accompanied by lightening. In India this is more common but surprisingly this also happens a little less frequently for Sky London, I had expected technology to be more mature and reliable here but in vain.
2. You don’t pay you don’t get service, no excuse to ask the collection guy to come over next Sunday, because there is no collection guy.
3. If you want few channels from different companies, you land up paying a lot more for ex.

a. Sony TV, SET MAX, SAB TV = 100 Rs. (figures are for example only)
b. ZEE TV, ZEE Cinema, ZEE Music, ZEE Smile = 100 Rs
c. Sony TV, ZEE TV – you still pay Rs. 200.

Plus any regional channel is not guaranteed and if they have it in offering it will cost you more.

4. Slightly delayed reception for ex. if 2 TVs are playing a football match, 1 equipped with local cable and other with Dish. You will see a goal in local cable first, though the difference is only 2 to 5 seconds, for few it may be a prestige issue.

Local Cable


1. As long as your TV and cables distribution system receives power mostly you will enjoy good reception whether it is raining or snowing outside.
2. All channels in the world for set price. You watch it or not you get it – sounds like benefit if you are born Tamil brought up in Karnataka, married to a Andhra girl and have interest in Sports and Hindi Movies. You get it all dude.
3. You see Zedan kicking the goal first on your 21” flat CRT compared to your neighbor with fancy dish TV and 42” plasma, makes you feel proud.


1. From Cable strike, government strike, no electricity to death of cable network owners 103 year old great grand father, you are responsible and hence you bear the consequences no TV reception for you for a day.
2. “Cable cut ho gaya Sir!” I hate when they say that. What do I have to do with it? Don’t we pay for you to maintain these things? Your Sunday is spoiled helping in kitchen.
3. Grains on at least 25 % of the channels at any given time. Feels like pouring some Beygon on my TV.
4. I just sorted 110 channels and grouped them by categories and languages, 2 hours well spent. Next morning “BANG” the guy sitting in control room was just playing for fun and changed all your setting, so you can see “Sanskar TV” on 1, followed by “ESPN” and “Alpha TV Punjabi” What happened to my settings?

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Nice comparison :).We have 2 TVs at home. one in the living room and one in the i got a DTH for the first one. It is very good compared to the second one. good reception, sound quality, user friendly menu and reminders etc… But the Sun TV package is not available on DTH yet. A main reason for its slow adoption in Bangalore since the Sun package has many popular channels widely watched here. Plus if one lives in a multi-tenant, multi storeyed building it is better to stick with the cable guy than go for this fancy stuff because customer support is just a shout away.

But on the other hand the DTH is the same all over India.It is eminently suitable for remote places like villages and estate houses.

Nice, thats sums it up perfectly. I just hope when a DTH service comes that has all channels available to choose at an attractive package, or should we all wait for the doomed set-top box? 🙂

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