small changes-big impact

The Japanese introduced some really wonderful concepts in manufacturing, and supply chain. Some of them even revolutionized the industry making them the world leaders in steel, automobile, electronics etc.

Everybody would know about JIT (just in time) manufacturing, quality control measures, lot manufacturing etc. I was reading through their unique shift management techniques.

“Every worker at the end of the day, will clean his work-bench and prepare tools and for the next shift.”

Trivial isn’t it. But look at the impact.

Physically a worker is working from the moment he enters the building to the time he leaves his office, but mentally he is working from the moment he decided to get ready for work to the time he decides to pack up for the day. By this change in policy, the shop floor managers were able to move 15 minutes of starting rituals (Cleaning the mess from the previous shift, getting the tools etc.) to packing rituals. Thus mentally reducing the time and stress of working in shifts at zero cost to the employer.

I wonder if ITES and call centers are actually devising some innovative skills.

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.. wow!! I remember when first time I read about JLT manufacturing, I was amazed..n after reading ur post am again equally amazed. Simple things always luk so clean n beautiful.

Nice Postie! 🙂

Yup, thats how life is. smaller the change, lesser is the resistance to change and more is the impace.

niddles, unfortunately blogspot is blocked in India, so could not access your website.

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