Smartphones: death sentence to everything else

A wife was granted 4 wishes from a genie and she asked for:
– I want my husband to have eyes only for me
– I wanted to be the only one in his life
– I want him to sleep always with me by his side
– I want him to be with me first thing in the morning and take me everywhere.
To her surprise, the genie converted her into a smart phone.
Jokes apart smart phones are consuming an increasingly large share of its user’s time. What’s more disturbing is the increasingly large number of interruptions that it cause which probably kills any scope of meaningful dialogue. A smartphone with integrated email, calls, text and social media has become a gateway to all digital communications. But does that mean we ignore the person sitting right next to us?
Just ask yourself, how many times have you seen your discussion cut shot because of a telephone ring/beep? How many times have you taken the pains to approach someone only to find that playing games/answering to emails/text takes precedence over your conversations? I am not only talking about office, but important family conversations. My wife bugs me saying I might as well have married the phone…. But what she says has merits.
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