Snapdeal: Lame ass excuses & unfulfilled promises

In business sometimes exogenous circumstances leads to failure to meet the commitment. I can understand that, but good people never make lame ass excuses or lie to their customers. And most customers respect them for their honesty. Snapdeal is neither snap/fast nor it offers a good deal/discount. I wonder what is the purpose of this store and why is it still in existence? 8 days ago I had placed an order ( Order ID : 1885222339) at for “Eureka Forbes 4 Ltr Nano Aquasure RO Water Purifier” which this company promised to ship in 2-3 days. The company gave no intimation or updates to me and then when today I called them up to inquire about the status they email me this response.

Dear ankur aggarwal, You are receiving this notification because one or more items in your order: 1885222339. We at Snapdeal deeply regret the inconvenience caused to a valued customer like you, and extend our heartfelt apologies. We regret to inform you that our brand partner is unable to process your order due to unmanageable circumstances. We value your relationship as a customer and did not want to keep you waiting, so we are cancelling your order. We request you to treat this instance as an exception as we constantly strive to provide the best of service for our valued customers.

As you can see from the snapshot from the snapdeal portal (taken today), they have not stopped selling this item. In fact they are showing 10 partners  who are currently stocking it. Whats more they are giving them rating of 4.5 out of 5. I live on one of the main streets of Bangalore and not some remote area where no logistics partner can deliver. I also did not apply any discount/cashback/code which made it economically unviable for the company to fulfill the order.

This is the order summary page from
This is the order summary page from

This is an off-the shelf standard product which Eureka Forbes has not stopped making, Snapdeal has not stopped selling. Hence only logical explanation I can get is that this company is unable to manage its operations and it has been a complete waste of my time & efforts to even log on to it.
Snapdeal is a company without focus, mission or even a strategy. It was started by a bunch of day-dreamers who wanted to distribute discount coupons around Delhi. They failed miserably so they went online and created a deal website, which again they failed in so they went to venture capital and burned all the capital. Now they ventured into online retail which typical of Snapdeal is grossly mismanaged. I won’t be surprised if its 3rd avatar also shuts shops and goes under the gutter, like most of the e-commerce platforms. PS: I called up Croma and they are going to ship & install this product in my kitchen in 5 hours (Now that is called customer service)

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