Social boycott: Hical Technology

The way strikes are happening has changed in the recent past.
The striking employees of Hical have published the facebook page id of the Managing Director: Sujaya Shashikiran.

demands of striking employees
Employee demands

Clearly the absence of media or employees at the factory premises is visible.
There is hardly any media present
Employees camping outside the office

Not so many years ago, the employees should to crowd the door, and do a Gherav (surrounding the CXO and impeding their movement). It was one of the most effective way to get their attention and meet the demands.
the 10 point demands
list of demands of the striking force

Today, as shown by Hical, it is more effective to smear paint at the facebook, twitter, linkedin, industry forums and other digital platforms. People research the profile online before even saying Hi. With Google Glasses and all the wearable devices the social profile will be visible even before 2 individuals make an eye contact.
No wonder CrowdFunding and P2P loans sites are putting so much emphasis on social media escalations to make sure that the defaulters are in line.

street, Bengaluru South, Karnataka, India

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