Some Facts of LIFE

The Best Day – TODAY

Hardest Thing To Do – TO BEGIN

The Greatest Handicap – FEAR

Easiest Thing To Do – FINDING FAULTS

Most Useless Asset – PRIDE

Most Useful Asset – HUMILITY

The Greatest Mistake – GIVING UP

The Greatest Stumbling Block – EGOTISM

The Greatest Comfort – WORK WELL DONE

Most Disagreeable Person – THE COMPLAINER

Worst Bankruptcy – LOSS OF ENTHUSIASM

Greatest Need – COMMON SENSE



The Hardest And Most Painful To Accept – DEFEAT

The Greatest Moment – DEATH

The Greatest Knowledge – EXPERIENCE

The Greatest Thing – LOVE

The Greatest Success In The World – PEACE OF MIND!!!

11 replies on “Some Facts of LIFE”

completely agree …
except the hardest thing… that has to be “To Forgive”…
beginning is easy… but to finish is a hell big job!!

yes to forgive someone is really hard…
but i still believe starting a job is harder than finishing it. it take a hell of a courage to stand up and take incharge… but once you get the ball rolling, everything else falls in place.
there is one project which i want to start (will update you after i have actually started it). But its so big and would take so much of time, that every time i think about it, I get cold feet.

Worst Bankruptcy – LOSS OF ENTHUSIASM
Exactly 🙂

The Hardest And Most Painful To Accept – DEFEAT
and Indifference
best attitude – sharing

I guess people’s experiences and needs make them feel in a certain way…
I’ll be glad to know about your plans 😀

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