Sometimes you are too confused to stay and too scared to run.

I think this line summarizes what most of the relationships which are on the verge of transition. Life is too short to waste. Also I always believed that a feeling as pure as LOVE should never be kept hidden. Every moment is the right time to express it.

Friendship is the first step towards love. If there is trust, if both of you look forward to spend time together, and enjoy each other’s company then go ahead express yourself.

You will immediately offload a big burden from your head. And never again you will sit back and wonder…. “She could have been mine”. It is always better to try and fail, rather than to sit back as couch potatoes and ponder endlessly what would be the right time.

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I started telling people how I felt about them maybe 4 or 5 years ago. I’ve never regretted ever telling someone I loved them. Only one person doesn’t talk to me anymore. The others, well, they might not have felt the same, but it’s changed who I am and how they see me and our relationships, in a good way. No one has run screaming away.

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