Starbucks vs Maggi

The media is ready to lynch Maggi & Nestle for selling contaminated/adulterated food. Few years back it was against Pepsi for selling pesticides, and before that for Cadbury’s dairy milk for worm infestation in the chocolates. What really surprises me is that all of these brands have recovered. They are still doing great amount of business and are part of a typical shopping cart.
All makes me wonder if the customer’s don’t care, should the manufacturers give a hoot about following quality standards? It is not a case of corruption or misinformation, because nobody is forcing citizens to buy these products and several alternatives do exist, it is a simple case of people valuing the long term implications of their dietary choices. Brand to me is a seal of trust, once broken cannot be restored.
Interestingly I could find a huge number of reputed brands in the list of products rejected by FSSAI. Tata Star bucks probably leads the pack with over two dozen products that were found unsafe. Even Kelloggs, Amway, Ranbaxy, Venky’s and several health supplements can be found in this list.

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