StartForce (WebOS)

One of my office colleague recently pointed me a very nice internet based OS startforce. Although the product still looks to be in development stages, but its cool to see an entire windows like desktop opening up inside a window. There is no installations, no download, or not even a bulky readme to go though. Just log in there and signup.. you should be up and running in 30 seconds (it requires an email verification, but i think that should be ok)

Also since I am hooked to applications like citrix , VNC and telnet server, I find it very cool to control several other desktops using my own workstation.

PS: If you do not have a broadband service/high speed internet, please do not bother with this post.

Feeling Bored?
here is a cool windows trick to trouble your sibling who always manages to snatch the computer when u want it.

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Network computing , a practical solution for the non geeks, but what about the negatives?

sounds straight out of larry Ellison’s dreams
Is it oracle based or wat?

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