Three statisticians went hunting and soon spotted a rabbit. The first statistician aimed, fired, but overshot it. The second statistician aimed, fired, but undershot it. The third statistician shouted, “We got him!”

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:p yup

reminds me, few dayz back a friend of mine (who was actually doin phd in math changed to eco) In one of his class, where he was the only math student (otherz were from finance or buiz.) Prof. asked everyone to prove sumthing. It was sumthing not SO easy.. but this guy proved it..but using CONTRADICTION (wellknown technique to prove sumthing in math) …it turned out, he went to the board n for next 1 hr or so, tried convincing prof n other students u can actually prove it like this, but prof n all other students cud not understand how the hell can one start with the assumption i.e. not true (What u actually have to prove it is)
lolz it was funny, though am not gud @ tellin jokez, but this post just reminded me.. guess itz funny how same thing people from different areaz can see in a quite different way, which mabe funn for som but normal for sum others. anywayz, liked the new layout of ur bloggy! n the name: E-Nagar 🙂 – good luck n always keep smiling 🙂

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